Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

The WIN Consortium, initiator and primary organizer of the WIN Symposium series, invites donations from corporations, foundations, and other organizations to help defray the costs of organizing WIN Symposium 2019, and thereby helping WIN pursue its mission of communication. Various attractive benefits are available to sponsoring and supporting entities. All contributions will be considered unrestricted educational grants towards the WIN Symposium 2019. Educational grants for which the donator receives no specific benefits other than grant acknowledgements in association with WIN Symposium 2019 are also welcome.

If you are interested in discussing a sponsorship arrangement, or if you have other suggestions for a specific sponsorship arrangement, please contact the WIN Symposium 2019 Secretariat.

Sponsorship enquiries: win2019industry@mci-group.com

WIN 2019 Symposium
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Sponsorship enquiries: win2019industry@mci-group.com
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